Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) Plant

Project Overview

  • Natural Gas (Petrol Gas, Coal Bed Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plant   Capacity: 5,000 ~ 3,000,000 Nm3/d
  • LNG Filling Station
  • LNG tanks

cold box

Natural Gas compressor

Pipe Work

LNG Tank

LNG Filling Station

Central Control Room


  • Nature Gas Filtering, Pressure Regulating and Compression System
  • Nature Gas Pre-treatment System,Remove water, sour gas, heavy hydrocarbon, benzene and mercury (Hg) from Feed Gas.
  • Nature Gas Liquefaction System (Coldbox).Purified Nature Gas goes into heat exchanger of cold box, to be cooled, condensed, and sub-cooled to -163℃ gradually with expanded refrigerant (MRC), and after throttling down, the pressure to 0.15~0.18 barg to flow into LNG flash tank, flashing fluid is as product LNG.
  • LNG Storage and Loading System.

Advantages in LNG Project

  • AVIC has solid technical strength, advanced technology, reliable and safety process technology package.
  • We are professional engineering company which has experienced project management team.
  • All core professional equipment are manufactured in our own workshop.
  • We have rich experience in overseas engineering projects for 15 years. We have projects in Middle East, Europe, Russia, Africa and southeast Asia.
  • We have professional technical training team.
  • We have perfect service system and plant running support system.

3D Design System

3D Design System

3D Design System

LNG Plant (SKID-MOUNTED) Purification System Design


The Engineering Reference

200,000Nm3/d  Qinghai, China

300,000Nm3/d  Sichuan, China

350,000Nm3/d  Qinghai, China

500,000Nm3/d Hebei, China